The Formulation

Most ingredient lists stated on cosmetic labels are lengthy, cumbersome to read, expressed in terms hardly understandable to the general public, and do not help us to assess the nature of the product which we are about to apply on our skin.

By contrast, our products feature only ingredients essential to the product performance. Our ingredient lists are thus all the leaner.

Each ingredient is duly and thoroughly outlined on this website through the respective product presentation pages with complete INCI lists. Likewise, the percentage of active natural ingredients is highlighted within the online product description as well as on the product packaging. We do not fear to be perfectly transparent, since none of the ingredients out of our formulations is in any way hazardous to either your health or the environment.

... you do not have to wonder what you are putting on your skin!


The Polyphenols

Oxygen induces daily in our body a host of reactions and transformations, enabling our body to perform. Free radicals are generated that way, yet when present in over-large quantity, they tend to provoke a deterioration of the cells, in turn causing a premature ageing of the skin. In other words, our body oxidizes and requires antioxidant substances to slow down such oxidizing process.

Polyphenols belong to the list of powerful antioxidant substances. Among them, the olive polyphenols are present in elevated proportion in olive oil, and even more so in olive leaves, and vouch for the extraordinary longevity and resistance shown by olive trees. The two major olive polyphenols are the oleuropein and the hydroxytryrosol.

The better the quality of the olive oil, the higher the level of olive polyphenols. For this very reason, all our products are manufactured out of organic virgin olive oil (as opposed to pomace olive oil customarily used for cosmetics). This logic applies, as well, to all other plant-oils (macadamia, carthamus, apricot kernel, etc …) which we use in our formulations: they all are organic virgin.

....this could be best termed Olivotherapy™.

The Manufacturing

As entrepreneurs of French origin and because France is recognized as a world top player and leading country in cosmetology, our R&D and Manufacturing are based in France. We work in partnership with two cosmetic laboratories, each boasting above 20 years’ experience. While the one specializes in organic cosmetic and is part of the renowned and valuable Nature & Progrès Network, the other is focused on phytotherapy and plant-based food supplements.