Our Products

A water free organic olive cosmetics range with a maximum of active ingredients

A 100% environmentally friendly organic haircare line based on the synergy of healthy natural ingredients

An organic massage oil range based on a 100% organic virgin and essential oils mix

An olive-leaf product line for its effective antioxidant properties


As opposed to conventional cosmetic formulae, in which the main ingredient in uppermost proportion is plain water, Olivarium conceives water-free cosmetic lines (except haircare) resting on the synergy between organic virgin olive oil (for its antioxidant olive polyphenols) and powerful natural active ingredients.

In lieu of water, Olivarium use precious organic active hydrosols for their regenerating and hydrating qualities.


organic-certified and free from:

  • chemically modified or hazardous preservatives, alcohol
  • mineral oils and hydrogenated or chemically manipulated plant-based oils (PEG)
  • artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances
  • synthetic or ionic surfactants (such as SLS sodium laureth, lauryl sulfate, ...)
  • substances harmful to the planet (BHT, EDTA, …)


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