Olivarium Skin Care


We produce a WATER-FREE 100% environment-compatible Organic Skincare with a maximum of active principles based on a synergy-driven mix of healthy natural ingredients:

  • Uppermost organic virgin olive oil, for its antioxidant polyphenols, its unsaturated fatty acids in elevated proportion and its essential fatty acids (omegas 6 & 9), which the human body needs, yet cannot produce.
  • Precious organic neroli hydrosol, obtained out of orange blossom distillation, an active detoxifying ingredient in replacement of inactive, ineffective standard water.
  • Protection-enhancing organic shea butter, rich in regenerating and anti-aging Vit. A, E & F., additional unsaturated and vitamin-rich organic virgin oils, for an optimized synergy with the olive oil .
  • Neroli and grapefruit organic essential oils to purify and secure a gentle, yet discreet scent.

... more than 85% of the total ingredients are really
for your skin!