We produce an organic haircare range with no aquatic toxicity. One could simply say that they are "as pure as nature".

  • All our shampoos contain ONLY mild biodegradable surfactants in compliance with OCDE Directive Nr. 301 A-F.
  • Every shampoo contains in addition of the antioxidant organic virgin olive oil a targeted blend of organic virgin oils like ricinus and coconut oils, sesame, jojoba or pumpkin oil, and organic essential oils customized for specific hair and scalp conditioning.
  • All our shampoos are vegan registered (Vegan Society UK) and organic certified (Nature & Progrès France).
  • For an optimal in-depth hair care, two of these shampoos are paired with their respective leave-in conditioner, formulated out of specific organic plant hydrosols.

... we only use authentic ingredients!