Nature & ProgrèsNature & Progrès

Bolstered by a group mixing professional biologists, medical practitioners, nutritionists, farmers and consumers, the French Association known as „Nature & Progrès“ (e.g. Nature & Progress) was officially registered on March 14th 1964.

In 1998, the Association, reacting against the 1990's EU Charts for Organic Agriculture, and their favouring profit-making interests over core bio-ethical agricultural values, then initiates its own Nature & Progrès Organic Chart for the cosmetic industry, the very first of its kind setting a second-to-none, compromiss-free organic/biological benchmark for manufacturers of Natural Cosmetics in France.

Within the Skincare and Haircare ranges,  all OLIVARIUM products thoroughly comply with the requirements of the N&P chart and may refer to it.

Vegan Society Logo For the vegan certification of our products, we chose the British company “Vegan Society”. Founded in 1944, it is the oldest vegan society in the world.
To describe the « non-dairy vegetarians », the name « Vegan » containing the first three and last two letters of the word « vegetarian » was chosen.
The World Vegan Day on the 1st. of November celebrate annually the date of the founding of the Society. The Society became a registered charity in 1979.