Seb Merel massage oils Olivarium feedback

Seb is a French top runner and cyclist. We are so proud of his feedback on Olivarium organic massage oils for muscles, joints and legs ! Do check and follow his Instagram Account and blog (in French) !

Le Sac de Mademoiselle B

Olivarium is a partner of Le Sac de Mademoiselle Bio. Passionate about sports and socializing, Bérengère regularly organizes thematically creative brunches to share with you her latest Parisian discoveries. Good mood and presents not to be missed!

Romain Costa blogger

Read the article of the famous parisian blogger Romain Costa writen on the Olivarium massage oil for muscles!

Silex soins bio et naturel pour homme

Find our products on SILEX, a eshop dedicated to men!

Floraison des oliviers mai 2018

Late May and early June is blossom time for the olive-tree, a blessed yet incredibly short time, ... eight days only. The olive-tree pollinisation occurs solely by means of the wind, the very reason why "olive honey" does not exist. Out of the myriad of olive blossoms, a bare 5% will actually give birth to an olive fruit.

All Olivarium organic beauty formulations integrate organic virgin olive oil, a Nature-pure powerful anti-oxidant and an anti aging : a Nature wonder.

Waxing By'O St Barth

Olivarium in St Barth! Check and seek Olivarium’s complete organic beauty range at Waxing By'O : this brand new beauty care venue on prestigious St Barth, a hype French Caribbean island, not only selected Olivarium as a core partner for its professional organic beauty care, but also has full marketing exclusivity on the island. Come onboard with us and off to St Barth!

Mezzie Box logo

Best way to discover the Olivarium products: the December box of Mezzie Box or the 5-day Flash Sale starting on the 13th of december!


Olivarium takes part of the first belgium beauty box bio Quemybiobox for there box special massage. A good opportunity to discover our massage oil for legs.

Graine de Beauté

Read the feedback of the blogger Graine de Beauté. Specialized in organic care she tested our Edelness oil and Edelgem handcream.

Venus Mag

The Parisian Venus Mag tested the Edel Gem hand cream and the shampoo Olivarium for oily hair. Read her feedback in her blog La Gazette d'une Parisienne.