Organic Massage Oil Muscles

muscles massage oils

Organic Massage Oil
for Muscles

Anti-inflammatory - Soothing

100 ml - 3,4 fl.oz.
30 ml - 1.1 fl.oz.
  • 100 % natural active ingredients: Olive*, Macadamia*, Apricot Kernel*, Lemongrass*, Lavandin*, Ravensara, Wintergreen.
      99 % organic active ingredients

The Olivarium organic massage oil for muscles is a powerful blend of 3 organic virgin oils (macadamia*, olive*, apricot kernel*), hydrating and rich in omega-6/-9 fatty acids and vitamins A/E, and of 4 active essential oils (lemongrass*, wintergreen, ravensara, lavandin*).

It is most appropriate for anti-inflammatory, muscle-healing purposes and for pre-exercise care and after-sport soothing.

Organic labels:

NATRUE *** (organic cosmetics)
VEGAN registered (VEGAN Society UK)

english name, property, origin:

Macadamia organic virgin oil (emollient, moisturizing agent – origin : plant), Olive organic virgin oil (emollient, moisturizing agent, antioxidant - origin : plant), Apricot kernel organic virgin oil (emollient, moisturizing agent - origin : plant), Lavandin organic essential oil (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, pain relief - origin : plant), Lemongrass organic essential oil (anti-inflammatory, pain relief – origin : plant), Ravensara essential oil (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, muscle decongestant – origin : plant), Wintergreen essential oil (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, pain relief – origin : plant),
citral, linalool, limonene, geraniol, citronellol, isoeugenol, coumarin (natural component of essential oils).


macadamia ternifolia oil*
olea europaea oil*
prunus armeniaca kernel oil*
lavandula hybrida oil*
cymbopogon flexuosus oil*
ravensara aromatica oil
gaultheria procumbens oil